Nail Care Services

Nail Care Services offered by The Tampa Nail Chick

Manicure- A Manicure is one of the most pampering experiences offered
in a nail salon. First, we discuss what your nail-goal of the day is;
maybe a special event, a weekly maintenance treatment or perhaps its
just pure self indulgence. Then we talk about which shape you prefer
(rounded or squared) and color. Now we begin. The nails are shaped,and
the cuticles are treated and pushed back gently. A buffer block is then
used to smooth the nail plate. Now comes the true pampering, a sugar
scrub is applied and massaged into hands to exfoliated skin. The scrub
is washed off and lotion is now used for a hand and arm massage. Your
chosen color is then applied to the nails ,and our time together (for
today) comes to a close.

Pedicure- A pedicure is the most luxurious treatment a nail tech
offers.  In olden times, only royalty had their feet washed and
pampered.  Now, it is available for everyone to enjoy.  First you
choose the color (this is the only decision you need to make while
seated on" The Throne").  Your feet are then immersed in a warm water
Jacuzzi-type bath.  The toenails are trimmed,  the cuticles gently
pushed back  and a buffer block is used to smooth the toenail plate.
Your calluses are then treated and gently scraped.  A lotion massage is
next in your pedicure experience , after which the toenails are
polished.  To extend the pampering pedicure, a sugar scrub and a mask
are available as add-ons.

Nail Extensions and Enhancements- All new client appointments begin
 with a consultation to determine the best  service and product to
achieve your nail-goal.

Acrylic Nails-  Acrylic is the strongest product and can be used for extensions 
when applied over  tips. The tips are glued onto the natural nail and cut to the
desired length. They are then hand-filed to blend with the natural nail plate. 
A liquid and powder combination (Acrylic) is then laid over the entire nail,
creating the new, longer, stronger nail.  The nails are then filed, buffed and
polished the desired color, or in the cases of  Pink and
White acyrylic,buffed to a shine or topped with gel and cured. 
Acrylics can also be laid directlyover the nail,  without a tip, 
if the nails are already the desired length.

Gel Nails- Although Gels are not quite as strong as acrylics, (they are
also not as harsh on the natural nail) , they too can,  be used as either an overlay
or a nail extension product. The application process is similar to that of acrylics,
but instead of a liquid- powder combination, Gel is singular brush on product. 
It is cured under a UV light after each coat; 4 coats for a full set,  2 coats for fills. 
The nails are then buffed and polished.  Many women who have had less than positive
experiences with acrylic nails, find Gel Nails a wonderful alternative.

To make an appointment with Jody call her anytime at 813-263-6330 or go to our contact page and fill out the form. Jody works out of TranZitions in Carrollwood.

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