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The Tampa Nail Chick's Nail Care Tips

Brittle Nails 
Vitamin deficiencies (in vitamins A & B as well as Calcium and Iron) can be to blame for the issue of brittle nails, but they're not the only culprits. Lack of protein will affect nail health as nails are made of mostly of protein (called Keratin). A popular supplement as of late for strengthening nails is Biotin, which can be found naturally (in bananas, peanuts, egg yolks, and oatmeal), or in over the counter supplements. Some clinical trials have suggested that Biotin does in fact benefit nail health, but I'm not convinced everyone who takes it will show improvement in the quality of their nails. Honestly the best advice I can give you to benefit your brittle nails is to protect your nails. Follow these 3 rules. Protect your hands and nails when washing dishes or gardening by wearing gloves. Many kitchen cleanser are abrasive and can damage a healthy nail, and wearing gloves while gardening can keep harmful bacteria from gathering under your nails. Have your nails manicured regularly as it promotes nail health in a variety of ways. Do not use your nails as tools, very important and should be self explanatory.

Cracked Nails
This works for gel nails or acrylic nails. If you can't get in to see me right away try this as a temporary solution. It is important to remove all moisture, the best way to do this it to use a blowdryer for about 60 seconds at low heat setting. Once the area is dry apply a small amount of nail glue (any nail glue will do). Be sure to allow 5 minutes to dry.
Here is another solution to fixing a crack in a natural nail. To mend a crack in a natural nail, open a tea bag and spill out the tea. Cut a small piece of the tea bag to use as a patch. Using clear nail polish, apply one coat of polish to the nail. While it is still wet, place the patch over the crack and apply another coat of polish. Allow to dry for 5 minutes, then apply one more coat of polish. Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Buff with a buffer block or very fine file. Polish with color.

Dry Cutilcles
 Olive Oil is your best remedy. As part of your nightime routine dip one finger in 1 oz of Olive Oil and apply to all cuticles (Use 1 dip per hand). You should see results in as little as a week. 








Jody Katz is the Tampa Nail Chick. She has been a nail technician since 1996. Jody works out of TranZitions Salons on N. Dale Mabry in Northdale. Call her at 813-263-6330 to schedule your next manicure or pedicure.

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